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Where we love creating products that are good for your skin.
Our commitment to ethical farming practices and quality craftsmanship ensures that every item you purchase is made with love and care. Myersville Farms is your destination for hand made, natural soaps, lotions, body butters and more. Our farm is home to a happy herd of goats whose milk is the secret ingredient in our luxurious products.

"Beautiful" goat milk soap


Baby bars ( pack of 2 )


Berries & Cream goat milk soap


Cashmere goat milk soap


Milk and Honey goat milk soap

If you are seeking all-natural relief from dry, sensitive skin, unscented goat milk lotion is the answer
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goat milk lotion in 8 ounce glass pump bottle

*scented varieties available as well

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Inspired by our Grandchildren

We have been blessed with 4 grandchildren who are currently all ages 4 and under. They inspired me to make a line of products that are very gentle with no colors or fragrances, with the exception of some containing calming essential oils. These products are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

The little farm store

Did you know we have a little farm store? We are not officially open yet as we are still making renovations, however it is available for local pick ups! You can order online and pick up at the store. Simply select local pick up at checkout and we will email you when your order is ready!


Getting up at dawn, milking the goats, making sure they have fresh clean water, their favorite hay and feed and giving them love and attention is where the process begins. We treat our goats milk like liquid gold, making sure to spin it into something amazing each and every time. Each product is like a work of art, curated by hand right here on the farm.